We’ve made a lot of noise with Citation®, our innovative noise reduction product for the automotive industry. Citation represents an entirely new product category for acoustical insulation using a patented process to enhance performance while driving down weight and cost.

Citation is manufactured from polyester fiber and is 100% recycleable. These superior sound absorption products range from 10mm to 25mm thick and are cut to the customer’s exact dimensions to fit interior automotive trim components such as door panels, instrument panels, and headliners. These products are also available in rolls.

Citation is available in the following thicknesses and weights at a density range of 1.25 lbs to 1.5 lbs per cubic foot:

10mm 200 gsm 5.9 opsy
15mm 300 gsm 8.8 opsy
19mm 450 gsm 13.3 opsy
25mm 600 gsm 17.7 opsy

Acoustek®, Citation®, and Vanquish® are registered trade names of Acoustek Nonwovens.
SelectTM is a duly registered pending trade name of Acoustek Nonwovens. SelectTM Technology Patent #7,000,729.
Vanquish® Patent #6,345,688.